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      ST00387-1 high-temperature exhaust pipe, high temperature vent pipe

      form:shitong  au:shitong  date:2012-10-16 16:16:08

      World industrial hose supply exhaust pipe, ventilation hose, high temperature exhaust pipe, high temperature exhaust pipe for high temperature boiler hot gas pumping, factory solder smoke pumping the blast heaters discharge and welding gas discharge, withexhaust equipment, engine structure, heat engine, solids such as dust, dust and fibers, gas environment, such as steam and smoke, dust each removable plant discharged radiator, aircraft equipment and military reconcile bellows and compressors, low pressure environment.
          Exhaust pipe for welding waste flue gas extraction, blast exhaust, air conditioning and ventilation equipment: the engine room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, machinery and shipbuilding engineering, mining, ventilation equipment, fire smoke and poor working environment set in addition to smoke with high-temperature exhaust pipe for air conditioning and ventilation equipment, welding exhaust extraction, high temperature exhaust.
      Exhaust pipe, high temperature exhaust pipe manufacturers, ventilation tubes Contact: Mr. Luo Tel 0755 -28111531 / 13825205509 Website: m.zaxxzx.com   Exhaust pipe, high temperature exhaust pipe resistance to strong acid and alkali, good chemical resistance, electro-static discharge, any bending radius is approximately equal to the outside diameter spiral wire grounded



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