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      ST003814 high temperature insulation hose
      Product Name:ST003814 high temperature insulation hose
      Product Name:ST003814
      Product Description

      Applications: as a hot or cold air guide tube; particle dryer for the plastics industry; for printing machines, blowers and compressors; for emission technology, the engine structure, engine heating, aviation equipment and military equipment.
      Features: high-temperature flow, flame retardant to comply with DIN4102-B1, wear protection, anti-alkali and acid, an extremely good chemical resistance, the bending radius approximately equal to the outer diameter,
      Structure: the middle of a special polyester fiber, both internal and external cladding high-temperature plastic, flexible wire coated tube intermediate the appearance of white fiber line reinforcement outside of the middle layer of insulation thermal insulation fiberglass (Owens Corning, USA), a layer of white high-strength glass fiber composite tubes.
      Temperature range: -70 degrees to +300 degrees
      Specification: 25mm-200mm

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